This single article is in English because it’s special! Neoperativa was one of the finalists that lived the amazing experience of Reload Greece’s accelerator program (RG Challenge 17). Thanks to The Egg – Enter Grow Go program we joined the other 9 start-ups and we are here to share our moments there.

reload greece

The 10 finalists:
GIVMED, Neil the little explorer, neoperativa, PHEE, Pushme, SeaAround, Simply POS, Synaphea, Workathlon, Ziraf. You can learn more for all of them here.

The winners:
Workathlon and Pushme (audience award)! They totally deserved it!

So, what RG Challenge was for us?


RG Challenge is enlighting, inspiring, challenging, mind blowing, life changing, energetic, fantastic, ecstatic!!! RG Challenge is the ultimate experience and opportunity for every young entrepreneur.

We had the chance to experience it thanks to The Egg – Enter Grow Go program of Eurobank and we couldn’t be more grateful. 9 intense days of business analysis and development leading to an investors’ pitch at the amazing building of the Shard in the heart of London. 9 days of hard work, but at the same time 9 days of meeting new people, listening to their stories, relating and creating friendships. Important mentors to guide us through the demanding program and of course the main team of Reload Greece to support us in every step of the way. People with passion and will to provide everything you need to come back and offer Greece a chance to reload herself.
I can’t really find all the right words to express myself, but feel free to ask me anything about the experience. I am glad that I lived it and I will be glad to share every moment from there as well.


A training program… a workshop… a competition… an amazing experience! The Reload Greece Challenge is exactly what its name stands for, but so many many many more. First of all, it isn’t simply related to Greece or Greek Start-Ups, it is more about showcasing the dynamic of the Greek ecosystem to Europe and far beyond. An ecosystem that in our case included (9) Greek and (1) foreign Start-Ups, (2) supportive incubators (from National Bank of Greece and Eurobank / the EGG program), (50) brilliant mentors with different backgrounds and experiences, a series of teachers-trainers-professionals (I’ve lost count of) and a support team with inherent interest, natural kindness and generous smiles.

However, in my view, the opportunity that EGG offered to neoperativa, was more about ENTERing a fantastic business world, GROWing both professionally and personally, while GOing straight ahead until its mission reaches its vision. My RG experience? Information, Knowledge, Discussion, Frustration, Collaboration, Presentation, Exhilaration, Communication, Laughs, Tears, Hugs, Sleep Deprivation, Single-Hand Showers, Play, Fun, Walk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Sun (a lot of), Coffee(s), Beer, Ouzo, the Shard, the Dinwidy (doors opening/closing), the London Business School… The result? An improved business model, an extended group of partners, a new line of thinking, a bunch of great friends – an improved future! Thank you, RG Challenge 🙂

Do you need anything more? What about a video of our moments there? Cause in neoperativa, every moment is a video! Enjoy.

The journey to success has just begun!

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